Melissa Cosentini Artist

Why am I here?

It’s no secret that being a successful artist is one of the hardest paths one can take. Not only is there the constant stigma of it not being a “real job” but there are so many talented artists out there trying to do the exact same thing. So why painting? Why contemporary? Why me?

I always knew I was a creative person. At the age of 8, I wrote and illustrated a series of books on my own time about the adventures of a cat and dog. My teacher was so impressed, she laminated and bound them for me to keep forever. My mother reminds me of all the colouring and pretty pictures I created (all outside the lines of course!). Standard stuff, I always thought. When I entered into my early 20’s, I used painting as a creative outlet. Naturally, all my friends were creative and not just hobbyist but now successful film makers, photographers, writers and painters so it was all around me. I personally found it so therapeutic and natural to put my thoughts and feelings on a canvas in a way that words were not able to capture. I was released, and free. It felt like I was revealing myself in the most organic way. I was also approaching an age where big girls have properly decorated apartments, so surely I should have paintings hanging!

custom art by Melissa Cosentini

My first custom commissioned piece in 2010

Soon after my first painting, people began requesting me to paint them a piece of their own (and pay me for it!). How exciting! I wanted it to be personal. The concept of having an abstract piece hanging in your space, a piece that only you understand in your way, that other’s can’t possibly see what it is that you see. That to me, is true art, true beauty. So I sat down with my “clients” and provided a consultation (similar to what I still do now). I would ask them to tell me a story that pops up in their mind, show me colours and images that appeal to them. Viola! Inspiration hot out the oven! My art still is provoked and inspired by those around me, and my own experiences.

No, I didn’t go to a fancy art school, nor can I draw an apple without making it look like a pineapple. But my ability to capture the spirit of myself and others and translate that into colours and texture on canvas has led me down this path. Art is a beautiful, powerful part of our lives and I want to share it with the world, make it attainable for everyone and above else, make it personal.

So that’s why.

Visit my online Etsy Shop to browse stock pieces or contact me to inquire about a custom piece of your own!

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