Meet Hayden Currie: Profiling an Inspirationalist

What is an Inspirationalist? Well, technically, it’s a made up title I have given those who have, against all odds, devoted their life to their passion. I have asked Hayden a series of questions to understand the view of his journey.

There is priceless value in community for any artist, so lean in and learn about Hayden…

What about Hayden?

Hayden CurrieHayden grew up in Wasaga Beach Ontario. Moved to Toronto at age 18 and started working in film production while attending the Toronto Film School. Hayden is a television/feature film writer/director and one of the founders of toronto based camera innovation company “GyroInnovation”. Hayden is currently working on The Film Student Movie, The Amazing Gayl Pile and Ryan Long is Challenged. Hayden is often referred to as the Steve Nash of Film production.

If you were to give yourself a title, what would it be?

I would call myself a Pirate! or director…whatever is cooler to chicks.

What is one word that describes what you do?

Creative/Business depends on the time of day.

What is your current challenge?Hayden Currie

My taxes…ugh.

What is your current motivation?

At the moment creating funny content whether I’m in it, directing it, shooting it, producing it. I always want to keep people giggling.

What do you associate the colour red with?

A gang…no wait roses!

How do you describe what you do to your family?

Well my Dad thinks I’m an editor for some reason, so I usually go with that.

How do you start and end your day?

I switch it up everyday, but at some point I get a coffee.

Hayden CurrieTo what do you owe where you are at right now, to?

My hometown Wasaga Beach, Ontario. It made me the person I am today. (cliche?)

Why be inspired by Hayden?

He is, in the best way- a grown up kid! Although the field of filmmaking is a very challenging one, Hayden isn’t jaded and keeps going one laugh at a time. He has FUN with his work, which not many out there can genuinely say. His sense of humour and style of professionalism makes it easy for people to want to collaborate and work with. I struggle to find the words to describe the incredibly unique and witty creativity he puts towards his work. His films, and shows are nothing like you have seen, and leave you wondering where the hell he got the concept from! His success has taken him around the world, and he is just getting started. He is a free spirit, who prioritises what really matters, which is having a good time!

Check out the trailers of his current work, and prepare to laugh!

The Film Student Movie: A hilarious comedy about an outcast film kid’s journey to becoming successful (starring Hayden, himself! And loads of other funny dudes!)

The Amazing Gayl Pile: A web series about an awkward, aspiring infomercial star being mentored by an alcoholic bogan.

Ryan Long is Challenged: Follow the adventures of Ryan Long as he strives to make it as a star in… well… whatever?

Are you an Inspirationalist? If so, hit me up! I want to know your story.

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