Meet Amanda Cosco: Profiling an Inspirationalist

What is an Inspirationalist? Well, technically, it’s a made up title I have given those who have, against all odds, devoted their life to their passion. I have asked Amanda a series of questions to understand the view into her journey.

There is priceless value in community for any artist, so lean in and learn about Amanda…


Amanda CoscoWho is Amanda?

Amanda Rebecca Cosco is a Toronto-based freelance writer and multimedia journalist focused on city life and digital culture. She is passionate about telling stories with new media and investigating the role of the artist in the digital age. Her writing demonstrates interest in a range of subjects—from social media to social change—and she strongly believes that the former has the capacity to influence the latter

If you were to give yourself a title, what would it be?

I’m a freelance writer, multimedia journalist, and content strategist. I tell stories with new media and help brands and businesses do the same.

What is one word that describes what you do?

“Multimedia” or “writer,” but not in the traditional sense of the word


“…there is room in this crazy world for doing what you love and there is room for women’s voices and stories”


What is your current challenge?

I’m at a time in my career where I can actually be choosey about my clients, which admittedly is a champagne problem. That said, I’m realizing how each client I take on impacts my own portfolio as a brand.

What is your current motivation?

My younger cousin, who is like a sister to me. I want to show her (and other women) there is room in this crazy world for doing what you love and there is room for women’s voices and stories

What do you associate the colour red with?

TED Talks

How do you describe what you do to your family?

Amanda Cosco

Photo by Mark Sommerfeld

I’ve stopped trying to explain myself, but I think they’re slowly getting it. My mum constantly sends me links to full-time corporate positions because she wants me to get a job with a steady salary and benefits. It was truly a different world of work for my parents’ generation.

How do you start and end your day?

Start: Fresh OJ & coffee, walk with the dog, breakfast, then bike ride to where ever I’m going that day.

End: Reading, writing, hanging out with my neighbours.

To what do you owe where you are at right now, to?

Hard work. There’s no way around it. But also meeting the right people, networking, and making meaningful connections.

Why be inspired by Amanda?

Amanda has been able to find success by being inspired by the world around her and contributing her voice (in the form of written word) to it. It is easy to respect and appreciate the motivation she has to set the example, that making a career doesn’t have to sacrifice passion. Like a true east-end Toronto girl, Amanda embraces everything around her and uses her craft to add value back to the community by supporting independent businesses, and sharing the experiences offered in her city.

Amanda Cosco

Photo by Semco Salehi

To get a view into Amanda’s world, you can check out her blog Girl About T.Own

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