Meet Ray Black: Profiling an Inspirationalist

What is an Inspirationalist? Well, technically, it’s a made up title I have given those who have, against all odds, devoted their life to their passion. I have asked Ray a series of questions to understand the view into his journey.

There is priceless value in community for any artist, so lean in and learn a little bit about Ray…

Who is Ray Black?

Ray Black InspiresHailing out of Vancouver, British Columbia by way of Oakville, Ontario, Ray Black, 27, is first and foremost a music lover and proponent of hip-hop culture. The young DJ/Rapper has been steadily building a name for himself writing and performing across southwestern Ontario since mid-2006.

Black’s smooth laid-back style, eclectic soundscapes and ability to bring any audience to their feet are what make him unique and place him among the brightest of the new generation of Canada’s music acts. Drawing influence from genres such as future soul, electronic, jazz and hip hop, Black has crafted a style and sound that many can relate to. Since moving to Vancouver in 2009, Ray Black has toured and shared the stage with the likes of Talib Kweli, Mac Miller, Grieves, Mickey Avalon and Australian exports The Hilltop Hoods. He also became a member of long-standing Hip Hop crew, Sweatshop Union, in 2011 and has toured with them across North America. With three weekly DJ residencies in downtown Vancouver, as well as forming an impressive DJ/Vocalist duo, Phirefly, with soul singer, Claire Mortifee. Black has been keeping listeners busy and has poised himself as one to watch in 2014.


If you were to give yourself a title, what would it be?

Life Lover Extraordinare

What is one word that describes what you do?


What is your current challenge?

Waiting for the next step, patiently.

What is your current motivation?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle…

Since I DJ at a club 4 nights a week and always have a bar tab, my body definitely gets a lot of abuse. So by making sure that I’m Ray Black Hip Hopeating properly all the time and exercising, I wake up feeling refreshed instead of tired. I’ve recently made a lifestyle switch and super motivated in maintaining it… it’s done wonders for me already.

What do you associate the colour red with?


How do you describe what you do, to your family?

I push buttons, jump around then go to bed at 5am every night. oh and I’m happy

How do you start and end your day?

Approx 12-2pm wake up..look out my window..exercise…eat…then crush my never-ending to do list. (daily wins #FTW)

Approx 4-5am stick my head out the window…smell the ocean air…and silently express extreme gratitude for my life then go to sleep.

To what do you owe where you are at right now, to?

My Mom


Why be inspired by Raymond?

Ray Black Hip HopHe doesn’t just look at his craft as his passion, but recognises it is a lifestyle and although it is a tough (and unconventional) one, he embraces it. His music is relatable, and not only inspires, but gets people off their feet and jumping! Ray’s music is an upbeat translation of his experiences and poetic insights that remind his listeners what is to be valued in life (while naturally throwing their hands in the air!). Against the mainstream, Ray’s art stays true to what is important to him, offering a refreshing and unique contribution to the hip hop scene.

Experience Ray’s music for yourself. 





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