7 unexpected places to get inspired

How many of us do the same thing each day? Routine is comforting, it is secure and it is predictable. What it isn’t, is inspiring. Most of us have our own routine which we adhere to each day that brings us to work, then returns us home to sleep and repeat for the next day. For some, there are some fulfilling activities in between such as a morning jog, or an evening class of some kind. For the most part however, we move about our day on cruise control wondering at the end of it, how it went by so quickly.

When we have a moment to think, most of us wonder about what lives outside of this routine. They dream of their next holiday, imagine what it would be like if they went back to school. Some wish for the courage to do something bold but may not know what it is, or what it means. These are parts of our lives we can gain true happiness and fulfilment from but instead just slip away as we fall back into our orchestrated routines.

Inspiration is so powerful it creates new technologies, captures just the right moment, even sparks a movement to change the world. There are many ways which we view inspiration (books, movies) but how do we experience it? These 7 places don’t have a “BE INSPIRED HERE” sign. If we stop and experience these places with a different perspective, one may just get that spark they need.


1) The Zoo Elephants While the animals are held in captivity, it is an experience and education on nature. You can learn the fundamental basics of anthropology, how everything is connected and works together. It provides you a different perspective to those cute and (not so) cuddly creatures.

2) The Homeless Homeless Not many were born homeless. Not all are mentally ill. Some in fact, have lived an interesting life and have no doubt been dealing with challenges to which you probably never heard of. Their story may spark something.

3) Senior Citizens old school Nothing speaks wisdom like a lifetime of experience. The elderly of today lived in a time before capitalism created greed, when sitting around the table was family time (not around the television) and when people valued time, over money. Listening to the stories and view points from someone who grew up with different influences and values can lend you a different view of your own. I bet the things they regret will surprise you.

4) The Park public park My favourite part of strolling through a major, public park is that it brings together all walks of life. Young, old, married, single and all races. It is inspiring in itself how you can see how one piece of nature brings all these people together. You witness teenagers practicing their skateboard moves, young love strolling along the paths, tourists capturing their moment of discovering a new place. Next time you are at a park, really absorb the people around you and you may become truly aware of the beauty of your surroundings. Just try not to do it in a way that may creep people out.

5) Your baby nephew young boy happy Or a child of someone you know. Children have a beautiful way of simplifying life and are big dreamers that have yet to be jaded or cynical by mainstream, societal expectations. As we get older, we become more insecure, and begin to complicate many areas of our life. Spending time with children may make you realise that things can be accomplished simply by screaming out what it is you want.

6) Animal Shelter animal shelter dog Recognising the importance of basic needs and necessity is an easy way to gain perspective of what really matters in your life, and how grateful you should be. Most of the stories you will hear at an animal shelter is how these dogs have come from a life of abuse and neglect and how after receiving their basic needs have bounced back into being happy pups. A visit here can start you on a path of thinking what it is you really need in your life.

7) A Temple temple meditation Anywhere that mandates you to turn off all distractions, let’s you focus on what truly matters. You are able to isolate the thoughts, and ideas that are eating away at you. Some, may have been disguised as others. What may have been the thought, “The way he chews his food irritates me!” can actually be revealed to translate, “We are not a compatible couple” It is when we remove these distractions that we can become more aware of what it is we need and evaluate our environment against it.


We all benefit from being inspired. It’s what leads us to living the life we want, and making a difference to those around us. It is contagious, and powerful. It is all around us, and takes various forms. We all seek it, but it doesn’t come in a pill, or even so much a manual. It comes from viewing the very result of it in people and places around you.

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