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I’m Inspired! Now What? 5 Steps To Turning Inspiration Into Action

So you had an epic experience travelling to India and it hit you while riding that Elephant, (ironically named Deloris) that there is more to life than the zombie, money chasing routine you have going on. Okay, maybe you just spoke to an old person at the park who gave you a new perspective of what love should mean. Whatever the case, feeling inspired gives you this rush, makes you feel excited and also gives you a small window of motivation. I say small window, because it can quickly be distracted and fade away if you don’t apply it.

So what do you do?


1) Write it down. With a pen and paper – iphone notes app does not count! Science has proven that when you write things down, it registers in your brain, and allows you to hold on to the thoughts, ideas and reminders. What do you write? That depends, but whether its an idea, a thought, or something new that you learned, capturing it on paper is a good first step to helping it stick.


2) Figure out what it means. To you. In other words, think about it. Start an inner brainstorm about it. What may seem as something small that made you feel good, got you thinking or taught you something new could have legs! Inspiration can lead to various things, whether its realising a new passion, desiring to explore something, or deciding to take on a challenge think about how this seed of inspiration can impact your life.


3) Research. Look up ways to apply it. Look up where they offer those pottery classes, check out what it takes to start a career in music production. Often times, inspiration fades away because we are not currently aware of the opportunities that surround it. You don’t know, what you don’t know so do some digging on how you can apply it, and what it takes.


4) Join a community. You are not the only one being inspired, and there are others like you, needing support, direction, and insights. Realising you want to write that memoir? Join a writers group where you can share your experience, vent out frustrations, get ideas. There is a great power in community and getting involved with like minded people will help you deal with the distractions that may jade what it is you want to do. Try online community sites such as MeetUp for locals who share the same interests.


5) Nurture it. Remember that feeling you got when you felt inspired? It is a very delicate thing, but it can lead to more great feelings if you take care of it. As mentioned above, inspiration really is the seed, and with proper care and support it can really grow something beautiful in your life.

No one should accept an inspiring feeling as something that is temporary. If there is a moment that makes you smile, or makes you think, consider the opportunities of how that moment can alter your life. Whether it’s a move to a new country, learning a new language, or simply starting to grow your own herbs, feeding what inspires you will contribute to living a happy and fulfilled life.

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