Meet Ryan Long: Profiling an Inspirationalist

What is an Inspirationalist? Well, technically, it’s a made up title I have given those who have, against all odds, devoted their life to their passion. I have asked Ryan a series of questions to understand the view into his journey.

There is priceless value in community for any artist, so lean in and learn a little bit about Ryan…

Who is Ryan Long?

Ryan LongRyan first busted onto the scene fresh out of high school as the singer of the ska/punk band ‘The Johnstones’, and quickly developed a notorious reputation for his wild antics both onstage and off. As a teenager he created the ‘Phat-Bredrens’ video series featuring sketches, stunts, and general ruckus, which served as the template for what has now become an all encompassing multimedia blitzkrieg. Ryan is now responsible for two half hour comedy TV series’, 8 million + plays/ views on the web, three seasons of an iTunes charting podcasts, two feature films, a ‘best of’ DVD, multiple web-series, and 4 records on Stomp/Warner that have charted on both the Much Music Countdown and the Canadian billboard charts. He has also been seen on Much Music’s “Video on Trial”, MTV Live, Breakfast Television, Edge 102.1, CTV, Fuse, Spike, Space, TheScore, Discovery, and much much more. Ryan has spent the last ten years touring the world as both a standup comedian and a musician to a constantly growing fan base, while perfecting his unique brand of in-your-face comedy that has lead to countless nights in police stations and hospitals.

If you were to give yourself a title, what would it be?

Comedian, Musician, Troublemaker

What is one word that describes what you do?


What is your current challenge?

The more of what your doing is cool, weird, unique or different from the norm, the harder it is to convince the world, (and especially the industry) to pay attention to it.  The challenge is to try to be cool with that.   So I try to fight the good fight without being angry or resentful about the fact that I have to fight it.


What is your current motivation?

I just want to be on the Howard Stern show before he retires. I honestly think about it almost every day, to the point where it’s definitely unhealthy. If he retires I’ll literally have to re-evaluate everything.

What do you associate the colour red with?Ryan Long

Lipstick on pinup girls

How do you describe what you do to your family?

My family’s pretty cool, I guess I do same thing I do to them as I do to everyone else… bug them.

How do you start and end your day?

I start every single day mad that I slept in and end every day mad that I’m going to sleep way later then I should have.

To what do you owe where you are at right now, to?

When I was like, 19 my band The Johnstones started to get pretty popular so I had a chance to have my ass kicked by show business at a pretty young age, and I got to figure out how that whole system works and get a grasp on what is and isn’t bullshit.

By the time I was 25 I felt like somewhat of a veteran compared to people a lot older then me, and more than anything, I think that gave me the confidence to do what I want to do, and not listen to people who I think I should, or do things I think I should.


Why be inspired by Ryan?

RY6If the hair hasn’t done it for you, then its the fact that Ryan hasn’t isolated himself to one platform. He has owned his personality, and natural rebellion as his art form and uses various mediums as an outlet to express them. Whether he is rocking out with The Johnstones, tap dancing aimlessly on the street, candidly taking off his pants, or lending therapy sessions to Harold the Jeweller, Ryan stays true to Ryan and wouldn’t have it any other way. He finds a way to extend his eccentric charm into the oddball souls that can appreciate it and while the journey continues for Ryan, there are enough people cheering him on for that seat with Howard Stern.


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