Famous quotes

What these 11 famous quotes taught me

It’s amazing how when you hear about life from a perspective that is so simple, how large of an impact it can have on you.

As an emerging artist, it has had regular doses of challenges. With so many distractions and “easy routes” to live your life, one of the biggest challenges is sticking it through.

Here are some of my favourite famous quotes and the lessons they have taught me:

Don't stop

It’s not a race. When you set a goal, it can be overwhelming. We are fixated on getting to the end result. Spraying that champaign around in celebration. It’s okay to take your time with it. So long as you stick it through and move forward, you are embracing on an exciting journey of achieving something great. Whatever that may be.  


inspiration exists



Things don’t just happen to you. Expecting achievement to fall on your lap is expecting disappointment. Yes, you may bare witness to some people who get their dream life handed to them, but that doesn’t mean it’s only meant for a select few. You have to work at it. It won’t be easy, and it wouldn’t be an accomplishment if it was. You get those lightbulb moments when you offer an open, working mind.


get on your way



It’s out there. Whatever it is. Amongst the challenges and adversities, there are opportunities. Whether it’s a new job, a new hobby or place to travel to. It’s out there waiting for you to climb to to it. (I just love Dr. Seuss!)





Apply what you know, in your own way. What good is knowledge if you can’t think of ways of applying it? I know people that complain about community issues, but only think of new ways of how to moan about it. Knowledge can be a powerful tool if you are creative enough to use it.

love what you do

Do what you love. Most of us choose paths not because we are passionate about them, but it’s a sure thing. Soon enough those “sure-thing” sacrifices will be at the cost of your happiness, and the quality of your efforts. When you love what you do, it becomes more than a routine, it becomes a passion.

never too old



It’s never too late. As we grow, we discover and learn. Our perspective, and outlook on life changes. It is only natural that our goals and ambitions shift and adjust. Developing a new goal, or ambition is a reflection of our growth, and it shouldn’t be punished with the assumption that it is too late to follow through.


say yes



You don’t know the outcome until you experience it. There are many other relatable quotes that teach that if it doesn’t work out, you find the lesson behind it. It is just that. Turning down the opportunity to experience something because you don’t know how it will turn out is the biggest risk of all. In the end, there really is nothing to loose.



stay with problems



Stick through finding the solution. Don’t chalk a challenge or a mistake to just that. There are ways to turn things around, and it is usually just adjusting your perception. There is absolutely always a solution, but not without a bit of patience!

To live

Stay alive. I often, in a very morbidly way, think about being on my deathbed. What would I tell the me right now? What would I change? Then I get the warm, living feeling that I still have time! Discovering new places, people and things helps you figure out what makes you happy. At the end, you will know you were always alive.


Yes to others


Investing in yourself will give you the greatest return. With every decision we make, there are unknown outcomes. This is what makes decision making scary for many (or exciting for some). Doing what you feel is right for you, will give you the confidence you need to tackle the unknowns. Owning what it is you need is a very powerful thing. It will help you surround yourself with those who are compatible with your needs, those who will be able to lend you the support you may need. Sacrificing your needs for others will create voids at only your expense. (Remembering that needs and wants are two very different things!)


You can do it



It is possible. Leave it to the mystical Walt Disney to remind us that dreams can come true! Believing in yourself is not an easy thing to do. Breaking through the distractions around us, and the expectations that are laid out and trusting yourself is only the beginning. Like any belief, there will be critics, but it remains personal to you.


Now, these may seem a bit airy-fairy but each of these quotes come from those who acted on a spark of inspiration, who overcame challenges and adversities. It’s all very simple, but knowing is the simple part. So how are you going to apply it?

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