I have recently become a member at Art League Houston, a non-profit organisation that brings together a community of artists to raise awareness and support for the local Houston art scene. I couldn’t be more excited!

Since slowing down on the business efforts of my art, and focusing more on evolving my technique and style, I have naturally grown a hunger for learning. While I am so proud and grateful for how far I have come with my art, I know it is just the beginning, and I know it is going to become so much more.

With the hunger pains growing fierce, I signed up for an 8 week mixed media course. I was very reluctant at first, thinking what most artist would, “You can’t teach art!” but I thought, what do I have to loose!

My first class was yesterday. It was so fast paced but I was happy that there was freedom to create on my own terms. I was however, challenged to create four pieces in one hour! FOUR! While I ended up with four incomplete pieces, I did leave with one thing. Inspiration!

Nature Art

Experimenting with new techniques. This is meant to reflect natures textures. one of the pieces I did in my first class.

I was left feeling inspired to challenge myself, to test new mediums, explore new techniques and most of all, learn!

My work is no doubt going to evolve coming out of this, and I can’t help but want to scream with excitement on this new chapter!


Why am I here? 

How something super horrible that happened to you, can be super awesome


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