Shit artists say


It’s missing something, not sure what

I hate it

It’s supposed to look like that

I don’t know what I’m doing with this piece

I don’t want to sell out

Are you coming to my art show?

It’s really subjective

I don’t know if I am done with this piece yet

Let’s move to NY

I hate it

Don’t ever go to art school

It’s abstract

I’m just trying to find the right balance

My work would look great in here

I just, kinda went with it

Trust me, this is the best stuff to use

I don’t know what I was thinking

Let’s move to Austin

It’s contemporary

What do you think of this composition?

Where does your eye get drawn to?

This would go great in a piece

I love the movement in this piece

This Starbucks gig is just temporary

What time is it?

I’m so broke!

Let’s move to Paris

I hate it

My job is being an artist

It’s conceptual

What day is it?

I know the best Art shop for cheap supplies

That’s not art

This piece represents the problems with modern society

I hate it

Did I miss any? Let me know by leaving a comment!  

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