The 28 Things That Happen When Getting an Art Piece Together for a Show

With a few days before another art show, and some fresh pieces to showcase the new techniques learned, I have decided to gather the roller coaster of thoughts, the boiling anxiety and the eager excitement aside and take a moment to do what I always preach: Embrace the journey.

The truth is, although this time can be emotionally taxing, and most definitely exhausting- it is my most favourite feelings in the whole world! (maybe not as good as putting on a fresh pair of warm socks in the winter- but close!)

In order to release myself of the insecure thoughts and feelings that revolve around the future (“is this going to be good enough?” “Are people going to get it?”) I am going to take a moment and soak in the present.

Here is what I, (and I am sure many other artists) go through when preparing a piece for a showcase/exhibit:


1) I know exactly what I am going to do

2) I have loads of time

3) Loads of time!

4) Oh, actually I’m going to do this!

5) 3 hours online inspiration shopping


6) I got this! (Vision implanted in head)

7) 3 hours art supply shopping

8) ughhh… loads of time! Ya, still got time!

9) 2 hour gallery hopping


10) 3 nights in a row staring at a blank canvas while drinking a bottle of wine

11) Paint brush finally reaches canvas

12) Convince my significant other that I don’t have a drinking problem, and that I am a stable person, really- this is normal!

13) Body reminding me that coffee, red wine and gin is not a balanced meal


14) Not loads of time. Cancel plans with friends

15) Hate the piece I’ve started, splatter some kind of angry coloured paint all over it


16) Notice a blending pattern happening on the canvas

17) Enter second wind of energy and inspiration


18) Stare at painting for 3 hours

19) Take sleeping pill to help get over the overwhelming question, “what is it missing!?”

20) Wake up and stare at painting for another 3 hours

21) Repeat #15-20


22) Ask family and friends for their HONEST opinion

23) Chalk up their opinions to bullshit


24) I don’t have much time

25) Stare at it for 3 hours

26) Add more white on the canvas, and more wine in my body


27) Fall in love with it

28) Give it a signature


Did I miss anything? Would love to know your thoughts/process, out of curiosity but also reassurance that I am not the only alcoholic, delusional, insecure artist out there!

It’s always so rewarding being a part of an art show, that makes this crazy process completely worth it!

Here are the pieces I will be showcasing at Friday’s Pancake and Booze Art Show in Houston

Mixed Media by Melissa Cosentini

Modern Luxury

Ink Art by Melissa Cosentini

Woman of Intentions

Mixed media art Melissa Cosentini

A Secret Kept

Mixed Media by Melissa Cosentini

A Secret Kept



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