Feature Friday is when I deep dive into the inspiration behind one of my pieces. Most of my pieces are based on a life lesson I have learned, or something I have observed around human behaviour (an area I have always found fascinating!). The colours, textures, and style are all deliberate and symbolic to tell a story that captures what inspires me. With all that being said, what I love most about contemporary/abstract art is that what you see is open to interpretation. Red can mean passion to one, and anger to another.

This piece, is titled “Reveal”


Behind the deep blues and risen yellow are layers and layers of blended lines.These layers represent our various paths. The ones we have taken, contemplated, and withdrawn from. The contrast of each of the lines, begin to blend together with each layer added. Somehow, over time, in our lives we go from being kids with big dreams, to influenced teenagers and then pressured adults. ย The clear, simple paths of wanting to follow our dreams, our passions quickly turn into the practical, rational, and predictable lives most of us lead. When you look closely at the painting, you can see the lines are faintly there, because our dreams and desires never leave us. We are reminded of them when we travel, read or meet new people.

To me, blue has always represented stability, a colour we trust (the sky is always blue) and I have always, quite simply, associated yellow with happiness (think smiley faces!). The yellow triangle is slightly risen from the painting. Each side, representing ones needs, wants and drive. I believe that when one truly recognises, and owns what it is they need (from themselves, and those around them), what they truly want out of life, and find the spark (or inspiration) to drive them to achieve it all, it is then, that they reveal themselves.

What do you think of this piece?

Interested in purchasing this piece? Check it out on my Etsy Shop or contact me for more info.ย 



  1. It’s always interesting to hear an artists story behind their work. So often we have our own interpretations of what we see. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to follow your blog and see what you post next!


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