Feature Friday is when I deep dive into the inspiration behind one of my pieces. Most of my pieces are based on a life lesson I have learned, or something I have observed around human behaviour (an area I have always found fascinating!). The colours, textures, and style are all deliberate and symbolic to tell a story that captures what inspires me. With all that being said, what I love most about contemporary/abstract art is that what you see is open to interpretation. Red can mean passion to one, and anger to another.

Mixed media art Melissa Cosentini

As one of my latest pieces, A Secret Kept exposes what is kept inside. We are at times, conditioned to believe that some things are better left unsaid, that you must internalise and keep certain experiences, feelings and views to yourself.

“Silence is Golden.”

While this may be true in some cases (which is subjective), the struggle one goes through for the sake of internalising is a constant reminder we have to live with every day. It builds, and manifests in the way we behave towards others, how we perceive the world around us.

This piece is built on a hazy blending of colours, and smooth textures. It is not always clear on why we internalise, or what we are trying to protect. Our instinct for being open and honest becomes challenged and we begin to question what’s right.

Layered on the canvas are bold, short lines. When we keep things inside, we are constantly justifying why we have put it there. Whether it’s because we are afraid, or trying to protect the feelings of others, we convince ourselves for as long as it’s inside, that it is the right thing to do. These lines represent just that. The dark, bold blue reflects depth, while I associated the yellow with optimism and trust in this piece. The white breaks up the colours and represents the unknown, which is the outcome of releasing what we are keeping inside.

The breaks of textured metallics, reflects the earlier sentiment, of “Silence is Golden” while the silver, gridded material on the top left, represents the overall trapped emotions.

Mixed Media by Melissa Cosentini

The collage of materials is meant to reflect the substance of what we are keeping inside. It bares a heavy weight, and builds up. I used flowers to give life to this substance, while adding locks and keys.

I really wanted to create a piece that exposes the challenges, battles, and contemplation that goes along with internalising. It’s not always easy, not always healthy, but sometimes has to be done. The more we experience and grow, the more we make the choices that determine whether we put our words, feelings and emotions into this inside place or expose them to those around us.

What do you think?

This piece is currently available for purchase via my Etsy Store.


What do you think?

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