Feature Friday is when I deep dive into the inspiration behind one of my pieces. Most of my pieces are based on a life lesson I have learned, or something I have observed around human behaviour (an area I have always found fascinating!). The colours, textures, and style are all deliberate and symbolic to tell a story that captures what inspires me. With all that being said, what I love most about contemporary/abstract art is that what you see is open to interpretation. Red can mean passion to one, and anger to another.


Inception was one of the first pieces I made when experimenting with dimension. I wanted to create a unique piece that maintained subtly, but incorporated a new technique that I had been playing around with.

During this time, I was thinking a lot about how there are so many different layers to ones self. That people aren’t always what they seem. I was discovering that most people we come across, are underestimated. That unless “greatness” is tattoo’d on ones forehead, or spoken about on a public platform, it can be easily dismissed. But what about the taxi driver who saved hundred of lives back in India as a brain surgeon? (A true encounter I have had) or the receptionist who brings people to their knees with her soulful voice?

The subtle, neutral blending that covers this piece represents the outer layer of who we see. The soft shell that protects and coats what we feel our true purpose is.

Our being is much more complex. How we define our selves lays beneath that layer. Goes beyond how we make our living at times, the clothing we wear or the neighbourhood we live in. The corner of this piece reveals the layer beneath us which is our passion. Passion is what motivates us, what keeps us going, and is a very big part of defining who we are, and what makes us so unique. I used heavy texture in this exposed part of this piece to reflect the true substance it offers us. I have always associated red with passion, as it acts as a strong contrast against the subtle neutrals coated on the base of the piece.

It is too often that the true substance of a person gets ignored. We are distracted by the idea of greatness only belonging to the famous, or ego driven. I wanted this piece to remind people that there is more to others than the subtlety we see on the outside, that there is deep passion rooted in all of us, and we should feel encouraged to own that part of us, and not to define ourselves and others by what you see on the outside.

What do you think of this piece? Leave a comment below!


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