My Appearance on InspireTV

When Luiza Sadowski approached me to be apart of her new, web series- InspireTV, I was beyond excited! Firstly, how great of an idea!? The web series is geared to inspire and empower while being a useful resource when it comes to life, love and career. Luiza, asked me to speak about career, my story and how I choreographed my journey.

Inspire TV Melissa CosentiniAs mentioned in the interview, I owe much of my successes, adventures, failures, learnings… (you get the point) to embracing and seeing it all as one big journey. Most of the career choices I made were based on instinct, while being completely blind to what outcomes or other opportunities would come my way from it, and trust me- I had no idea these choices would lead me to being in Houston, Texas focusing full time on my art! Life is hilarious like that.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Big thank you to Luiza, from InspireTV for inviting me to be a part of this awesome new project! Can’t wait to see how it all blossoms!

For more about InspireTV check out their Website and Facebook Page


What do you think?

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