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 Melissa Cosentini


Melissa Cosentini“Art is more than just colours on a canvas. It’s a true expression. A story told. A lesson learned. A reflection of one’s most inner thoughts, feelings and views. All open to interpretation, all ending up being an extension of you.”

Provocare (pronounced pro-voh-car-eh) in Italian, means to provoke. My art, while contemporary and abstract is provoked and inspired by the people I have met, and places I have explored. Each piece has a story told by textures and colours.

A woman of the world, always appreciating art, like most people would see pieces and think “I could do that!” It is when I actually did in 2010 that I became an artist. After going on a mission of self discovery, travelling the world on my own, I began expressing what life was teaching through colour and texture.Melissa Cosentini Mixed Media

What started out as a personal hobby, quickly became a side job when art lovers commissioned me to create custom pieces for their space. I would listen to their stories, and what inspired them and created pieces that extended their spirit to their walls.

I love getting involved in projects that combine art and compassion with fundraising and bringing awareness out on important issues. In August 2013, I led an art fundraiser, Artspiration in Toronto, where I brought together pieces from both established artists (Guy Maddin, Paul Butler) and emerging artists collaborating to bring awareness of Human Trafficking to the community and raised money to help rehabilitate survivors.

Melissa Cosentini Contemporary ArtI continue to take on custom commissioned work as well as selling current pieces on Etsy and local art shows. I am embracing the life of an emerging artist as I continue to develop new ways to tell my stories. I offer worldwide shipping so no matter where you are, I am happy to provide something special to your space. In the meantime, I am sharing this journey with the world, hoping to inspire while being inspired.





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