About Custom Work

custom art paintingHave an idea in your head? Like what you see but wish it was a bigger size, or different colour?

Whether it is for your home, or office there is nothing like having a beautiful piece of art that speaks to you hanging proudly in your space.

In addition to selling current pieces on Etsy, I provide custom services where I create a unique piece to your taste. I provide a free consultation to get an understanding of what it is you are looking for. I use the parameters you provide (no matter how tight or flexible) to create a unique piece for you. Your piece is not finished until you are completely satisfied. I live without borders, so I also offer worldwide shipping.

Examples of Custom Work

“The first time I bought a painting from Melissa was based on seeing the very first piece of artwork she did which caught my eye and intrigued me. It was a bold and clever piece that even had a piece of wood jetting out from the painting which I loved! So we then sat down and discussed what it is I wanted for myself and she produced a really cool textured piece that I loved and from that I decided I wanted her to do another piece for me. So we collaborated again and this time she created a larger piece that was similar in style but also had a gorgeous, deep-set frame that I love and it really brings out the colours and scope in the work. It was meant to compliment another piece I already had hanging in my place and it turned out to be perfect for that! My third purchase of Melissa’s art came about from one of our collaboration meetings at her place and I saw it sitting on her shelf and inquired as to whether or not it was available for sale. It was the colours and flow of the piece that really jumped out at me and I envisioned it with a nice silver matt type frame which Melissa got for me and voila my third Melissa Cosentini original was up and looking fabulous in my place! I love all the work I have had done by Melissa ” Rob, Toronto

Want to know more about custom commissioning? Feel free to reach out directly:


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